“Better run faster baby, if I catch you, I’ll rape you!”

ONE story?! There are so many cases of complete strangers (usually groups of men) wolf whistling / making enthusiastic gestures at me while I\’m walking past them on the street. I suppose these kinds of chaps think their behaviour is complimentary, but I just feel embarrassed or annoyed. :( I have a friend with large breasts who literally can\’t leave her house without getting uninvited comments! Another friend went jogging down Long Street (in Cape Town), and a man yelled after her, \”Better run faster baby, if I catch you I\’ll rape you!\” (or something along those lines). The worst is that I hardly ever feel safe enough to swear at the assholes, or get visibly angry in any way, because in this country (South Africa), women are raped left right and centre for the most trivial \”misdemeanors\” – so you tend to keep your mouth shut.



LOCATION: Long Street, Cape Town

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